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Wednesday, April 21, 2021








 Oh my beloved God, Alas. Oh lord, really I did not do many things against farmers from my birth to till my death. I have ever seen happiness in the farmers because of me. I had done as an enemy role in the life of the farmers well.

Before some years you said “Dear grasshopper, nowadays the farmers are not good. They are using only fertilizers. They didn’t use manure like in previous years. If this will happen daily, my beautiful creation Earth should see the end. If I am not doing anything, surely it shall happen. Now the farmers are also accompanying the hybrid companies. The hybrid companies are not providing the seeds in good quality. We have to change all those things. I order you to do your work towards farmers. If you do, they surely know that, this is my warning. So they will have to do the proper farming in a natural way”.

So I obeyed the words of yours. So I was happier to do my job. But now a day I felt so guilty. Because they don’t have rain properly. And also there in more and more problems and diseases. Some of them sold theirs lands also. No one has changed. They may not know they are waiting for the end of the life. Dear God you may come into the thoughts of all the farmers. I know I’m the farmers enemy but I have changed myself to support and lift the farmers up…



 If you have a cute and little dog

If That dog was eating only a branded biscuit

If That brand biscuit company was prohibited in the country

If your dog does not eat anything means what will you do…

 The dog means grains….. You mean the farmer …….

W brand means the water….




Crown of capitalism conquered India

Our nation of tiger has been buried,

replaced by nation of charging bull

Democracy secretly imprisoned and vanished.

Our head is waiting with golden plate

to receive capitalistic vomiting as pledge,

some have more sense of hearing Mr. Big shots

sleep talking but grief of sons of the soil

has not worth as layers of dust on their sandals.

Sure that pain will echo from infinite

Corner of nature. She hear and waves

her curious branches for coolness breeze,

to wipe away the tears of blood in farmers.

Their suffering is reflected on deep

vein of sea as beast of Tempest.

But why their sobbing grief is suppressed

by ruling class wolf of our country.

Deliberately unrecognized for the opium of power,

Indian authorities are real puppet

from the hands of deep pockets of money.

Millions of money lost it’s worth and sinned

in front of an emotional drops of tears,

which flow from their pain.

Winter may freeze sleep everything,

Summer may scrotch to burn

but farmers had to feed all life.

Hands of power and money celebrate the

harvest labour pain of all growers,

they are Judged by appearance of

Mud upon clothes, as gift of earth

wrinkled dark skin as reward of sun.

Farmers trust of life and hunger

is sacrificed to satisfy Millionaires.

Capitalist suck the blood of farmers

like a leech or bloodline eating parasite.

Every profession are noble pursuits

and all are necessary to sustain one’s life,

but farmers are who help stay, sleep

alive against hard shore of life.

When farmers stream of tears

overflows and wet the earth for

their right, marched towards our

national capital you treat as beast of Alien

neglected their painful suffering life.

Trust me, soil feel shame to decay

your corpse not even a plant wish

to grow upon your grave forever.

                                         NEETHU MOL

                                                                                         I M. A ENGLISH





Tuesday, April 20, 2021



Hurrah! Hurrah! A happy farmer cries,

The harvest puts him high.

The village sounds like thundering sky.

A lot of fun ends with deep sigh.

No one can speak with nature like him.

He shares the joy to the world.

A silent voice arises like an unsolved sum.

It puts them as intricate band.

The shining flower starts dying in the clay.

The tears of the flower get dropped into the greenish sea.

Then it becomes yellow to play.

Some flies against the sounds like angry bees.

Other without breath dangle in the tree,

In order to reduce the sounds and to be free.


R. Lenin, 19ENG114.

 Vitality of India


Farming and farmers country, Capital of food producers, Feeding farmers like soul directors, they are the screenplay of native.

 Paparazzi of nature god also the music makers of

song birds, writing their stories in farming fields, act very well in their own movie.


“Vitality of India” is a Movie ready to release and running in our own life theatres. We watching their creations, treasuring their work.


Supreme direction is well, Unbelievable music, ultimate screenplay, fantabulous acting. But the end of

the box office is commercially miserable one.


Our luxury human beings,

Watching this movie free,

Don’t mind them,

That is the conclusion


Of this movie, will be the

Conclusion of birth country.

R. Lenin, 19Eng114.



Sandeep Lugun 19ENG129

Hope in Farmer


What do I hope if the world is in darkness?

And the corruption in the society

And the uprights kill

Or fight among races.


What do I hope if the trees are bare?

And the sun is in an asleep

And the hills are dark

Or the skies are gray.


What do I hope if the politics jump upon me?

If the rules over role in me

The emotions play in sentiment

Or stone heart in human.


But there’s heart in my heart

To bear my load!

To show my love to the world

So, I find hope in the farmers.


 -Sandeep Lugun

A.Pressilla, II Year Eng. Lit.

                                FARMING-A PROFESSION OF HOPE



         We are living for our survival amidst the various circumstances in the world. The world is consisting of living and non-living beings. Each one has the right to live with due dignity and respect. Human fundamental needs are food, shelter and clothing. At present our country is growing gradually. In spite of growth and development held in our country, we are lacking in many areas. We are living in the world where the corporate designs and decides our existence in accordance with the time, place and person respectively. However, the very cause for our existence and all our growth is one and only factor ‘Farming’. If the farming fails to functioning, the world would be in vain sooner or later.


Present status of  farming and farmers.

         The farmers are the backbone of our country as far as our existence and heritage are concerned. There were many paddy varieties, utilized in the field for many years. If the backbone of our country is broken at any season of time without any reason, certainly  we would be in trouble. Due to many climate changes and failure of monsoon, farmers are finding difficult to get involved in the farming l. In order to increase the harvesting in a short span of time, we are gradually losing our heritage and originality. The lands are becoming barren for further cultivation.

         Agriculture is the symbol and identity of our country and the backbone as well. The love and concern towards the farmers is equivalent to true patriotism. The destruction of agriculture and farmers is the destruction of the earth our common home as well as the entire humanity. At present farmers are facing innumerable challenges socially, economically, culturally and politically as well as economically.  The demands of farmers are genuine. The government should have the patience to listen to them and repeal the controversial laws for the interest of the country. The three contentious laws were being passed in the parliament on September, 2020. The most inhumane of all provisions  are those that take away the right of appeal from a former. The state, exercising its power through multiple bureaucrats, seems to have elevated itself to the status of God, its decisions immune from challenge. There is a glaring absence of any power being given to the farmer if the decision is biased, a product of corruption,  prejudiced or simply a manifestation of the said authority’s bad mood and hidden agenda.





          Already 11 rounds of discussion held between respective minister for agriculture and farmer’s representatives at regular intervals. However,  no solution has been found to date. The big corporate houses will overtake markets, there by procuring farm produce at incidental rates. There was no room to go for legal guarantee. The government plays dual role in its word and deed. They don’t go hand in hand. They say that they will make amendments where as they will not repeal farm law. They have the will to conduct parliament sessions to deal and prepare for the upcoming elections, but they are not ready to announce openly anything.  They don’t find time to speak to the farmers and listen to them.

     A massive show of support followed from the media in relation to the farming protest. Hundreds of Indians who live in abroad signed blindly on petitions. The state and central government underestimated the farmer’s grievances and unwilling to step down from the authority and lost face. Without following due process of consultation the ruling party brought forth the pro market farm laws through the ordinance route and then pushed them. The government is very adamant to make everyone accept unanimously without prior permission.



         Everyone is born in the image and likeness of God who makes the world full of goodness. In the bible we see God who identifies himself as the voice of the voiceless. As farmers were aware of all the happenings they could withstand for the just cause wilfully.  It is our time that we should feel one with them through our solidarity and valuable presence. In spite of all the suffering they are struggling and living for the basic rights. We need to introspect ourselves and to strengthen the despair in to hopeful. Good will lead to success always.



                                                                                    II Year Eng. Lit.





Where were those greenery?

     I miss those scenery.

When I was a child,

     I used to play hide and seek.

In the fields.

     Where there was yields.


With no corporates to rule.

     But now, India is a tool.

Seeing the plight,

     One has to fight

For one’s right

     So fight till the end,

With zeal to bent;


The law which is so rigid

     May somewhat become mild.

To brighten up,

     The life of the peasants,

With the essence of pleasance.

Which changes their lives.

       To drive, their unending fate.



                                            G. Jeroline

A.Pressilla, II Year Eng. Lit.


20ENG517 D. Shakthi Praveena









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